Because love is the essence of quality

Business leadership literature has undergone three phases. The first one was what I’d call the strongman leader concept: the leader as commander, with a clear ideology and worldview, fearless and therefore often fear-inducing: consistent, persistent, inspiring, aligning, and guiding others with a steady hand. Consider it the military, “Prussian” style…

Mobility is a false god.

That is the belief of a recent movement that deploys an extreme form of immobility as a radical act of protest: the “lying flat” movement. It began as an internet meme among young generations in Southeast Asia and China and is now spreading to the U.S. and Europe. Basically, a…

An invitation to gather, dream bigger, and act now

As we slowly return to work, the question is: do we want a return to business-as-usual? What do we want to keep? And what can we change?

For many of us, the pandemic has made very clear that business-as-usual is no longer working:

  • The extraction of natural resources, one of…

We can’t wait to gather in Lisbon and online from October 29 — November 26, 2021

It’s not Zoom fatigue. It’s that you’ve reached the outer limits of your capacity to adapt. So we’re gathering to flip the tables: to fashion tools that work for all, embrace interdependency, do what humans do better together. Concrete Love is a chance to swap productivity for conviviality — and…

It was unimaginable and is heartbreaking, but it had to end like this.

No matter how hard I’ve tried, how stubbornly I’ve denied the facts or claimed indifference, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it over the past few days: Lionel Messi, the GOAT (greatest of all time) footballer, is leaving his lifelong club, FC Barcelona — Barca, as the fans, and I’m…

As we are facing lasting wounds, the arts throw us a lifeline.

This past weekend I visited, for the first time, the inside of the Pantheon in Paris, the French “hall of fame” where some of the nation’s greatest thinkers and leaders are buried and honored. I expected to be awed by the graves and decorum, as well as by Foucault’s pendulum…

We need a more literate business world.

In the business world, the idea of “literacy” is often taken for granted. We like to think we know what we’re looking at, that we’re in touch with our customers, and up-to-date on trends. But we often judge a book by its cover, and that is often not good enough.

As we gather again, we realize what we missed most is feeling together.

First things first: the annual gathering of the House of Beautiful Business will return this fall, in Lisbon (“the capital of beautiful business”) and around the world, for five glorious days of CONCRETE LOVE. Please save these dates: Thursday, October 28 — Monday, November 1, 2021 and go to

To attract and retain a post-pandemic workforce, nomadism must transcend lifestyle to become an organizational quality.

Now that the vaccination campaigns, in developed nations at least, are gaining speed, we, the privileged ones, are erasing the pandemic like a bad memory, shaking it off our clothes and bodies and souls like the flu. Despite all the talk about a great reset, we are more or less…

Some thoughts about business as parenting.

An entrepreneur and mother of a seven-year-old son once told me something she admitted she would never share publicly: “My company is my second child.”

“I know this may sound frivolous if not unacceptable,” she explained, “not just because of gender expectations, but because it may seem naïve to equate…

Tim Leberecht

Co-founder and co-CEO of the House of Beautiful Business; author of “The Business Romantic” and “The End of Winning”

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